What Crib Bedding Do You Actually Need for Your Baby?

If you are a first time mom I’m sure you have quite a few questions when it comes to buying your baby’s crib bedding. One of the most popular questions I hear all the time is, “What crib bedding do you actually need for a baby?”

what crib bedding do you needYou have probably seen all the bedding sets that come with 10 or more pieces in them and wondered if you really needed all that stuff or not.

If you are on a budget or you simply just want a more simple nursery for your little one, you definitely don’t need to buy a huge crib bedding set.

The crib bedding items that you actually do need for a baby include:

  • Fitted crib sheets (check out my recommendation on how many crib sheets you need)
  • Waterproof crib mattress cover
  • Baby quilt or blanket for when you baby is older (not recommended until your baby is around a year old)

Most people also like to have a crib skirt to help make the crib look nicer and hide any items you may store under the crib, but you definitely don’t have to have this for your baby to sleep in the crib.

Why Buy Crib Bedding Sets?

Seeing that you really only need 3 bedding items (actually 2 when your baby is born) why should you consider buying a full crib bedding set?

There are a few different reasons why I do recommend a crib bedding set or at least some more additional accessories.

The first reason is that I do like the look of a crib skirt (also referred to as a dust ruffle) as I always used under the crib for storing items like extra diapers, clothes and baby blankets. I also like the look of the crib skirt so you can’t see the metal platform that the mattress rests on.

Another reason why I still recommend buying crib bedding sets is because most of the time the larger sets will include accessories to decorate the nursery with rather than just for the crib. Some sets will have things like diaper stackers, toy bags, and window valances that match the bedding and can really tie in the bedding with the decor of the room.

If you plan on buying these accessories anyways to decorate the nursery you can usually do so much cheaper by buying an actual crib bedding set that comes all together.

You don’t have to buy the crib bedding sets as you can buy stuff separately and pick and choose the exact items you want as well. You would just have to compare the prices to see which way has you paying more for the stuff.

If you are short on money and on a strict budget for your baby’s nursery you could definitely get away with buying 2-3 fitted crib sheets and then a waterproof mattress cover and be set for your newborn. You may also want to buy an inexpensive baby blanket for trips out with your baby or for laying them on the ground for tummy time.

It’s definitely a personal choice if you decide to buy a crib bedding set or you simply buy your necessities and accessories for the nursery separately.

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