What Color Should You Paint a Baby Girl’s Nursery Room?

Choosing the color scheme and the paint colors for the walls of the nursery is one of the biggest choices you have when it comes to preparing your baby’s room.

If you are expecting a girl you may be wondering what color you should paint a baby girl’s nursery. The choices are really endless as it all depends on what colors you like and would want to have in the room, but it is fun to look and see what your color are available.

You can keep the colors soft and subtle or you can even go bold and brave. You can also keep things more on the neutral side and go with an off white or gray color or pick a color that doesn’t necessarily equate to a “girly room.”

Baby Girl Nursery Color Schemes

Pink has long been a popular choice for a baby girl’s room and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the color pink, but there really are so many other color choices. And in case you do want pink in your girl’s room, there are countless shades of pink from the soft baby pink color to a hot pink to even¬† more of a coral shade of pink.

If you want something a bit different than your basic pink you have so many great colors to choose from and you most likely will be able to find a great crib bedding set to match the colors.

Some color schemes that are quite popular nowadays include:

  • Turquoise and coral
  • Pink (light or hot) and gray
  • Purple and green
  • Green and pink
  • Tiffany blue and pink
  • Light purple and gray

Here are some different color schemes that would look beautiful in a baby girl’s nursery. Hopefully you can get a better idea of shades of colors to put together with the visuals below.

baby girl nursery color scheme ideas

How Color Affects Babies

There have been several studies done on the affects of color on adults. In fact a lot of times marketing companies will use certain colors in their advertisements to elicit a certain response from people.

This can easily be taken into consideration when planning what colors to use in your baby’s room. Although babies don’t start seeing colors like we adults do for several months, you can still prepare them in advance for when they do get older and get to see all the neat color shades there are.

You can learn more about how colors affect you and then you can decide which color scheme you want for your baby off of your research.

Tips to Keep In Mind When Choosing the Paint Color In Your Baby’s Nursery

There are some things that you should keep in mind when it comes to choosing the paint colors for your baby’s room.

All the walls in the room don’t have to be the same color. You can pick one color as an accent wall and keep things a little different. A cute idea is to make the accent wall the one with the crib just to make that wall the center of attention in the room.

Also, right now designs are really big when it comes to accent walls as well. Things like stripes, polka dots, and zig zag patterns can all be achieved using a laser level and some painting tape. There are all kinds of great video tutorials on how to paint different patterns on the walls available online.

Another way to pick the paint colors for your girl’s nursery is to pick out the actual crib bedding you want first and then pull the accent colors from the bedding. This can be a good way to decide on paint colors without having to wade through hundreds of colors and instead narrows it down for you.

Lastly, realize that your baby will most likely only have the paint colors in their room for a few years. Most parents may keep the same color scheme through the toddler years but once your child gets older it’s not unusual to want to change things up. This means don’t take it too serious as you can always change the look whenever you want.

What paint colors are you interested in when it comes to painting your baby girl’s nursery?


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