Wall Decals for a Twin Nursery

If you are blessed to be expecting twins in the nearby future you may interested in some beautiful wall decals for a twin nursery.

Wall decals are a great, inexpensive way to decorate a room and it doesn’t cause damage to the walls and you don’t have to worry about painting some intricate design or words on the wall.

There are lots of adorable sayings that go with having twins and you can find those on these wall decals to hang in your nursery.

some miracles come in pairs twin wall decalsBUY NOW

“Some Miracles come in pairs”

This wall decal can be personalized with your children’s names as well as you can choose from over 20 different colors for the decal.

The decal measures 35″ wide and is 20″ tall.  The decal may end up slightly larger if you babies’ names are longer.


twin nursery wall decalBUY NOW

“Two little blessings sent from above Twice the smiles Twice the love”

This wall decal comes in a matte blue color and also along with the saying you get the small stars to go with it as well.

It measures 22″ x 7″ and is a high quality vinyl decal that is removable but not reusable.


wall decal for twin nurseryBUY NOW

“Twice the joy Twice the love Twice the blessings from above”

This is another wall decal that is available in over 20 different colors to choose from so you are sure to find a color that will match in your nursery perfectly.

The decal measures 23″ wide and is 18″ tall. This is also a one time application decal but won’t ruin your walls when you do remove it.


twin princesses wall decalBUY NOW

“Once upon a time there were two Beautiful Princesses and their names were…”

This decal is perfect for a twin girl’s nursery especially if you are going with a princess theme or even just a super feminine, girly style for the room.

It can be personalized with your daughters’ names and you can choose from 14 different colors for the decal.

It measures 19″ high by 37″ wide.


twin monkey wall decal for nurseryBUY NOW

If you are looking for something different, then check out these adorable decal featuring two monkeys swinging from a branch up high. Along with the saying “Two little blessings sent from above…” you get the whole wall decal including the monkeys, the tree branch and the flowers.

This is a huge wall decal that will take up most of the space on a wall as it measures 73″ across and is 55″ high.

You can also have the decal personalized with your babies’ names and you can change the color of the monkeys to fit in with a boy nursery as well.

This decal will be the main attention grabber in the room and will look so adorable and you don’t have to worry about trying to paint a mural or anything but simply stick the decal on the wall.


tinw boy wall decalBUY NOW

This is a super cute wall decal for a twin boys’ room that you can customize with different colors to fit the decor of your nursery.

The decal measures 20″ x 20″ and would be cute in the middle of the two cribs in the room. It does have an elephant theme but it could also go with a zoo or general animal theme for the room.


These are just some of the absolutely adorable wall decals for a twin nursery. There are so many cute phrases and sayings that go along with twins that you are sure to find your favorite on a decal for your children’s room.

When it comes to were to hang the decals on the wall, it is recommended that you have a flat surface wall and you want at least 2-3 weeks after painting until you apply the decals.

A really cute and popular place for these decals seems to be above the two cribs or on the wall between the two cribs. It would also look really nice on the wall above a short dresser or changing table as well.

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