Tips on Organizing a Nursery for Twins

Making a nursery for your twins is going to look a lot different than a normal nursery for one baby. You may not have double of every baby item but you are going to have a lot more “stuff” than you may imagine.

baby nursery roomFrom everything to storing all your baby’s clothing to dealing with all the diapers, here are the top tips for organizing a nursery for twins.

Keep It Simple

Keeping it simple is especially true if you are short on space and you don’t have the biggest bedroom to work with.  Since you are already going to have two cribs in the room, you want to really minimize any unnecessary items from the room.

This does include decor items as well as furniture. It can be tempting to want to hang all kinds of cute pictures or decor pieces, but it may be a lot more practical to pick a few key decor items and use the rest of the walls for storage and organization.

Something like a simple nursery wall decal for twins can really add a lot to the room and set the theme but you don’t have to worry about it taking up tons of room.

You Don’t Need Two of Everything

Although you are going to need two cribs, you don’t need two changing tables or even two dressers. When your baby is young you can easily store all their clothes and accessories in one dresser if you utilize your other space accordingly.

You may also want to avoid buying two of things like baby swings and activity mats until you are sure that you are going to need them. You may find that one baby likes a certain swing or seat while the other one may feel more comfortable with something else. This can also save you quite a bit of money as well.

Use Plenty of Baskets and Storage Bins

You can use baskets and storage bins for just about anything you need in the nursery. The reason why these come in handy is that they make the room look a lot neater as well as you can use them in indiscreet places like under the crib and on the shelves in the closet.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on bins and baskets as you can find inexpensive ones at your local dollar store or you can even make your own out of old boxes. Simply glue some cheap fabric over the outside of the box and you now have a coordinating box that cost you less than $1.

Of course if you have the extra money you can always buy some nice, sturdy fabric bins and storage baskets like these adorable animal storage cubes. They not only work great for organizing the room but can add a pop of color or design to the room.

Personalize the Closet Organization

This is especially true if you have a smaller room but you should also do this even in a larger bedroom.

For example, instead of just hanging a simple closet rod and a shelf in the closet considering buying a hanging closet organizer for a baby or at least some extra storage bins or baskets that add more vertical space for organizing clothes, bibs, socks, and other accessories.

Baby and even young kids clothing doesn’t take up a lot of vertical space so if you don’t personalize the closet area you may be wasting a lot of storage space. You can use that extra space for all those boxes of diapers you are going to need or even more smaller baby toys and blankets.

Another thing you should really consider is labeling the clothes whether you get closet organizers with sizes on them or you use bins that have the sizes written on the outside. This helps to ensure that you don’t forget about any clothing you may have and you don’t have to dig through everything to find the clothing or accessories you need.

The more stuff that you can fit into the closet the less clutter you are going to have in the actual bedroom.

Don’t Forget About Safety

Organizing and decorating a nursery for your twins can be a lot of fun, but remember that safety should be your number one concern. You should keep basic safety concerns in mind as well as specific baby safety as well.

For example, you shouldn’t put a crib right in front of a window especially if you have any type of cord for blinds. Never ever have a cord from blinds or drapes be accessible to your baby or young child.

Another thing to keep in mind is if you hang anything on the wall above the crib or even the changing table. Your baby is not going to stay an immobile human forever. At around 5 months old you may notice that your baby starts reaching and grabbing for things a lot more. At around 7-9 months your child may start to pull  himself up in his crib, which means anything near the crib needs to be away from his reach.

If you are planning for twins you can still have an organized andperfect nurserybut it may just take a little extra effort or creativity on your part. Follow these tips and instead of being disorganized once your babies arrive you can relax and enjoy those sleepless nights.

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