Superhero Skyline Wall Decals

If you are planning on having a superhero themed nursery for your baby, you need to see these awesome superhero skyline wall decals.

These decals are perfect for decorating the wall of a child’s superhero themed room as they are easy to apply and cost a lot less than hiring someone to paint a mural on the wall.

Plus, they are really unique and pretty cool for any superhero fan that loves comic books.

There are a few different decals that you can choose from depending on which super heroes you are going to include in your baby’s room.

Gotham City Skyline Batman Wall Decal

gotham city skyline wall decalamazon large yellow

How cool does this Gotham city skyline look? This would be absolutely perfect for a Batman themed nursery or any type of nursery that features Batman along with other superheroes.

It is made of a high quality vinyl that really looks like you painted the cityscape on the wall yourself.

The decal is very nice size as it measures 66 inches wide and is 21.5 inches high. You could place it at the bottom of the wall as seen in the picture above or do something a little different and place it right behind the crib to really draw attention to that wall in the room.

The Batman signal really makes Gotham City come to life and show off the coolness of this decal.

Since this is a vinyl wall decal you may need more than one person to put up the decal, but once you have it in place, it is a cinch. It’s a lot easier than trying to paint the wall.

This decal works not only great in a nursery but could work in a little boy’s Batman themed room as well as even in a game room in your home.


New York City Skyline Wall Decal

new york city skyline silhouette wall decalamazon large yellowThis New York city skyline wall decal would be perfect for a Spiderman themed nursery or even a general superhero themed room such as one featuring The Avengers.

You have the option of two different sizes for this decal: 21″H x  57″W and 27″H x 73″W. Either one of those size decals would be able to fit almost entirely across most walls to give a really cool appearance of the city.

You can also add in some superhero decals along with this one to add even more cool effects to the wall in the room.

This is a vinyl wall decal so you can only use it once but it will not leave damage on the walls. It can be applied to most flat surfaces.


Glow-In-The-Dark New York City Skyline Wall Decal

glow in the dark new york city skyline decalamazon large yellow

If you really want something cool for your baby’s room or any room in your home, you need to check out this glow-in-the-dark wall decal of the New Yorck City skyline.

The decal will actually glow in the dark at night if it is able to absorb light during the day. This is super cool and could be a good way to have a little more light in your baby’s room without having to have a lamp on.

Plus, what super hero fan wouldn’t think a glow in the dark decal was awesome?

This is slightly different from the other decals as this is a peel and stick one that can be used more than once.

The decal measures 24″ x 36″. As you can see there are also stars, moon and even a plane that comes with the set. You absolutely don’t need to use those decals if you don’t want or they don’t fit the look of your superhero room.


Personalized Super Hero City Skyline Wall Decal

personalized super hero city skyline wall decal

Want to make your son’s superhero room extra special? Get this personalized city skyline wall decal and your child can be the superhero.

This is a vinyl wall decal that measures 60″ wide and is 23″ tall.

The spotlights, which can be personalized with any initials you want, measure 16.5″ tall.

The cool thing about this decal is not only can you get your child’s initials in the spotlight but you can also customize the colors to fit the look of the room. There are 40 different vinyl colors that you can choose from for the cityscape as well as for the spotlight decals.

A cool look for this decal is the black silhouette of the city and then bright yellow spotlights or you could do something like blue city with red spotlights for a Superman themed nursery.

A superhero skyline wall decal can really add so much to a superhero themed room. They are so nice for a nursery but would also really impress a toddler or young boy as well.

Heck, you can even give into your superhero love and buy one for your game room or man cave.

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