Pop Up Butterfly Hamper for Kids

pop up butterfly hamper

This isn’t your average ordinary butterfly hamper. This hamper not only stands out in a room but is very functional for both babies as well as older kids as well.

It is a pop up hamper, so when you are not using it, you can easily fold it down flat for easy storage.

When in use the hamper measures 32 inches tall and has plenty of room for all kinds of clothes, but won’t be bigger than your kid.

The butterfly hamper features attached wings on the back of the hamper as well as a fold over face with even antennas on the top.

The fold over lid works great for keeping items all in the hamper and makes it esthetically pleasing in the room as well.

It is a sturdy and durable hamper that will last your child quite a few years if it is taken care of properly.

You can buy this for your baby’s room and your daughter will continue to love “feeding the butterfly” all her dirty clothes as she grows up.

The total measurements on this hamper is 32 inches high by 18 1/4 inches wide.


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