Personalized Monkey Baby Blankets

If you love monkeys and looking for some really great personalized monkey baby blankets for your little one or even for a gift, here are some of the best monkey baby blankets that you will find.

There are a wide variety of choices as you can find different colors, patterns, and designs. There are blankets that feature a small embroidered monkey while some other ones have a fun monkey pattern all over the blanket.

And there is nothing better than having a special personalized blanket for your baby that makes it your child’s own. Putting their name or even other birth information on the blanket not only makes it a blanket you can use but also makes it a keepsake.

Personalized Monkey Baby Blankets for Boys and Girls

Boys Personalized Monkey Baby BlanketBoys Personalized Monkey Baby BlanketMore InfoGirls Personalized Monkey Baby BlanketGirls Personalized Monkey Baby BlanketMore Info


These are super soft and super adorable blankets that you can personalize with your child’s full name.

You can choose from three different sizes including 30 x 40 inches, 50 x 60 inches and even 60 x 80 inches.

This blanket can also be customized with the different colors you want to match your child’s nursery as well. There are over 40 different colors that you can choose from and for your blanket you can choose 2-3 of them that fit your style.

The design is tiled all over the blanket using water based dyes so you don’t have to worry about the blanket fading.

Here are also some more styles for personalized monkey blankets to check out as well. Most of these blankets can be customized with your favorite colors and then printed with your baby’s name.

Personalized Letter Monkey Baby BlanketPersonalized Letter Monkey Baby BlanketMore InfoLittle Girl Monkey Personalized Kids BlanketLittle Girl Monkey Personalized Kids BlanketMore InfoCustomized Baby Milestone Month and Weekly BlanketCustomized Baby Milestone Month and Weekly BlanketMore InfoGirl or Boy Monkey Applique Receiving BlanketGirl or Boy Monkey Applique Receiving BlanketMore Info


The baby milestone blanket has become quite popular with the recent trend of taking monthly pictures of your baby. These blankets are awesome for monthly or even weekly photo shoots for your little one to remember their first year in pictures.

Personalized Monkey Minky Fleece Blanket

Minky fleece is a very popular material for baby blankets because it is so soft and comfortable. You can find all kinds of neat minky baby blankets including ones featuring adorable little monkeys.

Personalized Chevron Minky Fleece Blanket with MonkeyPersonalized Chevron Minky Fleece Blanket with MonkeyMore InfoPersonalized Pink Monkey Baby BlanketPersonalized Pink Monkey Baby BlanketMore InfoCotton and Minky Fleece Chevron Monkey Baby BlanketCotton and Minky Fleece Chevron Monkey Baby BlanketMore InfoPersonalized Minky Fleece Baby Blanket with Monkey ApplequePersonalized Minky Fleece Baby Blanket with Monkey ApplequeMore Info


You will find that the blankets featured above come in several different colors so if you see one that interest you but you want it in another color be sure to check the listing as it is most likely an option for you.

There are also minky baby blankets that allow you to do more than just put your baby’s name on the blanket. These are birth stat baby blankets that offer you the option to customize the blanket with your baby’s weight and length as well as birth date and other other birth stats.

Minky Fleece Birth Stats Baby Blanket with MonkeyMinky Fleece Birth Stats Baby Blanket with MonkeyMore InfoPersonalized Birth Details Baby Blanket MonkeyPersonalized Birth Details Baby Blanket MonkeyMore Info


These types of blankets are great for actual use as well as for a special keepsake that you can give your child when they are older.

Monkey Security Blanket

If you are looking for something a bit different then the normal baby blanket and want more of a security blanket for your baby, there are several options available featuring adorable little monkeys.

Security blankets tend to be on the smaller size than a traditional baby blanket. They are more for your child to carry around and snuggle with. Most of them also feature an attachment such as a stuffed monkey that a baby can hold onto.

Here are a few personalized monkey security blankets that you can customize for your little one.

Embroidered Monkey Security BlanketEmbroidered Monkey Security BlanketMore InfoMinky and Satin Monkey Security BlanketMinky and Satin Monkey Security BlanketMore InfoPersonalized Monkey Snuggle Baby BlanketPersonalized Monkey Snuggle Baby BlanketMore InfoSock Monkey Personalized Security Baby BlanketSock Monkey Personalized Security Baby BlanketMore Info


These types of blankets are often also referred to as lovies because babies and toddlers simply love to love on them. In fact these are the types of blankets that will stick with a child and may still be their favorite to sleep with at 7 or 8 years old.

With all these wonderful personalized monkey baby blankets you may just have to buy more than one, as they are all too adorable to pass up.

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