Large Ocean Themed Wall Decal Mural

larege ocean themed wall decal mural

This isn’t your usual set of wall decals, as the decals in this set are very large and are made to make an actual huge mural on a wall.

They are simple to use as they are just peel and stick and you can easily remove them and even layer the decals over each other.

An extra added bonus is the decals even sparkle and shimmer so they will defintiely stand out on the walls.  They are flat  to the touch but look just like they sparkle on the walls.

There are 62 total decals in this set and most of them are really quite large. Check out this chart that tells you which decals you get in the set and just how big they are.

ocean wall decal size chart


There are lots of different ways that you can use these decals.

For an easy and quick way to  use all the decals, is simply make your own ocean themed mural on one wall of the nursery. If you are really creative you can even paint the wall to look like under the ocean instead of just plain blue to make the mural even nicer.

You could also separate the decals and use them in different areas of the room. For example, you could put a few above the changing table and then some more above the crib and peeking out around the window.

These decals are great for a nursery but also work perfect for a child’s room or even a play or basement in your home.

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of what you can do with these awesome decals.

under the ocean large nursery wall decals

ocean wall decals

large under the ocean wall decals

As you can see there are lots of different fun ways you can use these decals for your child.

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