Kid’s Sling Bookshelf

Kid's sling bookshelf

This sling bookshelf is the perfect size and shape for kid’s and makes a great addition to a bedroom or a play room.

It contains four canvas sling shelves that vary in depth so it can hold books of varying sizes.

The nice thing about this bookshelf is kid’s can easily see what books they have and a pick a book easily from the cover picture rather than having to pull out all the books. Plus it’s a nice way to display books and make them an attraction in the room.

The bookshelf measures 24.5″ wide and is 28″ high. It is also 12″ deep.

When you buy this bookshelf you do have to put it together at home, but there are clear and easy instructions included with the item.

This bookshelf is definitely geared more towards younger children and toddlers, which makes it a nice addition to a nursery. It may not be sturdy enough or big enough to hold larger books for older children, but at the price it’s definitely nice to get several years use out of it for your little one.


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