Jumbo Hanging Toy Hammock Net

jumbo hanging toy hammock net

If you are looking for a simple way to decorate your baby’s room or a way that you can store several stuffed animals for your child, then this jumbo hanging toy hammock may just be what you are looking for.

The net hammock has 6 feet of string that easily attaches to the walls with 3 hooks that screw into the wall. It can moved quite easily as your child gets older and you may want to be able to have your child be able to reach the toys.

The white net is simple and will match just about any decor, but gives a great option to still use stuffed animals as some decoration in the room and provide a neat storage option for kids. This is definitely a product that you can buy now for your baby’s room and continue to use as your child gets older.

You will be able to store quite a few stuffed animals in the net as some buyers have noted being able to put in at least 30-40 stuffed animals into the hammock.

Another cute use for this toy hammock would be for a nautical themed nursery or even an ocean themed nursery. You could easily use it to decorate the walls and give off that sea nautical feel.

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