How To Set Up Your Nursing Section In Your Baby’s Nursery

nursing baby station in nurseryIf you plan on breastfeeding your baby you are going to spend a lot of time nursing so you might as well make it as comfortable and convenient as possible for yourself.

Some women try to get by with just a rocking chair or glider in the nursery but if you have the room why not make your very own nursing section or station. Even if you don’t have the room there are still some tips you can follow to make feeding your little one a lot more comfortable and easier on you.

And believe me, once baby is here you are going to want to make your life as easy as possible.

Here are some tips for setting up your own nursing section in your baby’s nursery (and this can easily be done in your own room if you want as well).

Invest In a Comfortable Nursing Chair

As I mentioned you are going to be spending a lot of time feeding your baby especially those first few months when you are going to be sore from birth and very sleep deprived as well. The last thing you are going to want is to try to nurser in a chair that is uncomfortable or doesn’t have enough room for you and baby to get in a good position.

Some of the things that you should look for in a good nursing chair is the ability to put your feet up while sitting in the chair with a comfortable ottoman or attached foot as well as wide, padded arms so it gives you better positioning while feeding.

Check out the Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman for a good nursing chair at a pretty decent price.

Don’t be afraid to spend some extra money on the chair as even if you don’t end up breastfeeding your child it still can be a really great place to rock your little one to sleep as well as feed them bottles in the middle of the night as well.

Use an End Table or Small Dresser to Store Your Nursing Supplies

Remember that you want your nursing items to be as convenient as possible for you. You don’t want to have to get up in the middle of feeding to get a burp cloth or blanket or even have to put down your little one so you can grab nipple cream after your feeding.

Having a small end table near your chair can be a great way to keep all your necessary nursing supplies stocked away and handy but you don’t have to have them sitting out in the open.

If you don’t have enough room in the nursery for another small end table, you can always use a drawer in a dresser or in the changing table for your stuff as well. You can even have a large wicker basket on the ground within reach of the chair for your supplies.

The idea is to have something were you can organize your supplies and keep them tucked away when you don’t need them.

Have Your Nursing Pillow Handy

If you plan on breastfeeding, a nursing pillow is going to become one of your best friends. A good nursing pillow can help greatly with positioning and latching when breastfeeding your baby. It also helps you and your baby to get a bit more comfortable during this time as well.

Look for a nursing pillow that is the most comfortable for you whether you want one that goes all the way around your waist or more of a lap pillow to help support your baby.

Having your pillow right next to your nursing chair can make it much easier on you and you won’t have to listen to your baby cry as you run around looking for your pillow. You may even consider buying two pillows and keeping one in your family room and one in the nursery.

Consider a Lamp or Nightlight for Night Feedings

During those first few months with your newborn baby you are going to have quite a few nighttime feedings. With breastfeeding you may even have up to 4-5 feedings during the night and early morning so you want to make sure you are set up properly for those feedings.

If you plan on doing night feedings in the nursery, you are going to want to consider having a soft light in the room so you can see what you are doing but not bright enough that your baby thinks it’s daytime or time to play.

A nightlight that is near your chair would work or you can even get a coordinating lamp for a nearby dresser to give you the light that you need. If you are using the end table for your nursing stuff you can always place a little desk lamp on the table as well.

Make sure that the light isn’t too bright for baby or isn’t shining directly at his face either.

These are just some ideas for setting up your own nursing station in your baby’s nursery. Again, these tips can also be applied to having your own feeding area in your own bedroom if that is a better fit for you and your baby.

And of course these tips aren’t just for breastfeeding moms either. You can use these tips for setting up an area for feeding your little one bottles as well as you would just adjust the supplies for that purpose rather than the breastfeeding supplies.

These tips will hopefully help to make things easier and more comfortable for you and your baby. You will find that as time goes on you will find your own little quirks and tips for your breastfeeding routine that will help you even more.


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