How to Save Money Decorating the Walls of a Nursery

It can get quite expensive decorating your baby’s room. You have the big furniture you have to buy but then you have the décor items as well.

If you are looking to save some money when it comes to decorating the walls of your nursery, there are a few different ways that you can go the inexpensive route and still have a beautiful nursery you will love.

Here are some ideas for wall décor for your baby’s room that won’t break the bank.

save money decorating the nursery

Wall Decals Are Inexpensive but Look Great On the Walls

If you aren’t very artistic or you simply don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for someone to come paint a mural in your nursery, check out all the different wall decals that are available.

There really are decals to fit in with just about any theme or style of nursery from. And best of all you can find plenty of wall decals that won’t cost you more than $20 to decorate a whole wall or even most of the nursery.

Most wall decals are really easy to apply as you simply peel and stick them on a flat surface. You will also find that most are reusable as well in that you can change the position of where they are and they will still stick to the wall and they won’t leave any damage on the wall.

You can save a ton of money with wall decals and they are quick and easy to use as well.

Frame Free Printabables You Find Online

A really cheap way to decorate the walls in your nursery is to simply print out any free printables that match the theme of the room and go to the dollar store and buy a frame for them. If you have access to a decent printer this will only cost you the amount of the frame or you can have the picture printed out at a local copy shop for a few dollars.

I have come across so many free printables that would be great for a baby’s room. Some ideas would be different childhood quotes, a quote from your favorite childhood book, the child’s initial or name, a fun pattern, a simple picture like one of a rainbow and so much more.

Check out my Baby Room Printables board on Pinterest for a while bunch of free items you can print for your baby’s room.

Paint a Fun Accent Wall In the Nursery

Instead of just painting all the walls the same color, come up with a fun pattern that you can paint an accent wall so then you don’t even need any hanging décor on the wall.

Some ideas may include stripes, zig zag pattern, and even polka dots. For this project you would just need the appropriate amount of paint for each color, a level and then painter’s tape to tape off the pattern.

There are lots of videos online you can watch that will walk your through painting the different patterns on the wall. Here is an example of a zig zag painting tutorial that you can use.

Get Crafty and Make Your Own Wall Décor for the Nursery

If you don’t mind making your own wall décor for your baby’s room you can save a lot of money. A tip that I give to other parents is to find something that you like online or even in a store and try to replicate that with your own style.

Of course there are some really simple items you can make and then there are more intricate ones if you are crafty and artistic. One simple one that is really nice is to take a white canvas and just paint it in a fun pattern such as stripes, chevron, polka dots, or plaid. If there is a certain pattern used in the nursery, you can just try to paint that pattern to match the rest of the style.

Another simple DIY wall décor item you could do is to simply take the white canvas and paint it the colors that are used in the crib bedding and hang it in a unique collage on the wall. You could even print out an image from online and decoupage it onto the canvas as well.

Another simple idea is to buy really inexpensive wood letters from a local craft store and paint them to match the nursery. The paint should only cost a few dollars and you can find the plain wood letters for really cheap as well.

Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration on crafts that you can make for your child’s nursery.

You really don’t have to spend a lot of money on your baby’s room to have it look just like you want it to. Instead, get creative and use your resources to make an awesome room that doesn’t break the bank.

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