Go Mama Go Wonder Bumpers Review: Safe Bumpers for the Crib

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If you are looking for safe crib bumpers so you don’t have to worry about your baby getting hurt hitting her head on the railings or anything of that sort, then you need to check out Go Mama Go Wonder Bumpers.

As you can see from the picture above, these aren’t your average crib bumper pads, which most doctors will tell you have been ruled as unsafe to have in a crib. Normal crib bumpers usually are long horizontal sections of materials that simply tie on the railings and don’t offer any airflow or space between the railings and the big piece of material.

But unlike normal crib bumpers, Wonder Bumpers are actually vertical pads that wrap around each individual railing. This allow airflow to pass through the railings, which reduces the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) rather than increases like traditional crib bumper pads.

Also there are no ties on the bumpers so you don’t have to worry about strangulation from the bumper pad ties either, which is another point that doctors take when telling parents not to have anything in a crib with a baby.

Not only do these crib bumpers help to reduce the risk of SIDS but they also help prevent older babies and toddlers from using the pads and railings to try to climb out of the crib as well.

And best of all, they are super soft and will protect your baby’s head and other body parts from hitting the hard wood of the crib while sleeping.

Not only are the Wonder Bumpers very functional and practical but the sleep design also makes them pretty stylish as well.

They are available in several different color sets such as blue and cream (shown above), pink and chocolate, blue and chocolate, pink and cream, blue damask, bluebird design, cream and chocolate, green and white, grey and yellow and more.

The way that they work is that they are reversible so you can choose to go with all one color or you can mix it up with both colors on the crib as well.

Here are a sample of a few of the different color options for Wonder Bumpers

wonder bumpers review

Another nice thing about these crib bumpers is that they are machine washable and can easily be taken off and put back on without having to struggle with them. We all know how messy babies can be, so it’s important that you don’t have to worry about washing the bumpers and then they get ruined or you can’t put them back on.

The bumpers easily zip on and off but there is no access for your baby to pull them off so you don’t have to worry about your little one getting a hold of them and taking them off.

The set comes with 38 of the bumper pads, which is enough to fit just about any type of traditional crib.

The Go Mama Go Wonder Bumpers are quite a bit more expensive than your normal traditional bumpers, but those traditional bumper pads are not recommended to be used once you put your baby in the crib anyways. Instead, Wonder Bumpers gives you a safe option that will keep your child bump free and still allow the airflow into the crib. Almost all of the reviews state that the extra price is definitely worth the peace of mind of having a safer product in the crib.

To learn more about Wonder Bumpers and read all the reviews, click here.

go mama go wonder bumpers

*I am not a doctor nor claim to be a doctor when it comes to SIDS. Please do your own research when it comes to crib bumpers or consult your own pediatrician if you have any questions.

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