Forest Friends and Scroll Tree Wall Decals for Girls

tree wall decals

Your little girl’s room will look simply adorable with this set of wall decals featuring forest friends and a beautiful scroll tree.

Wall decals are such a simple yet effective way to decorate a nursery. These decals will add so much to the walls but they only take a short period of time to stick in place. It’s almost like you have an instant nursery when you use these decals.

When assembled the tree measures 68 inches by 58 inches tall. Since this decal is so large when assembled it would be great for a featured wall or the wall right behind your baby crib.

They are very easy to apply and they won’t leave a sticky residue on the walls. The reviews for the decals even stress that these decorative decals are easy to apply and re-apply and they will actually stick in place, unlike some other wall decals.

The set comes with some friendly owls as well as a porcupine and a squirrel. There are plenty of colorful flowers to go along with the tree as well.

These decals are made by RoomMates, which is a very popular brand for decals for kid’s room as well as other areas of the home. They use a special non-toxic adhesive that works great for getting the decals to stick to the wall¬† but not cause any damage to the wall.

Another added bonus of using these decals is that they are inexpensive and will last a few years on the walls. This means you won’t have to re-decorate your nursery and can just save some money and transform it into a toddler room.

Here is another look at the exact decals you get in this set.

forest friends wall decals for girls

You can check out over 100 different pictures from customers who have uploaded a picture of the decals and how they look in their child’s room. This can be a great way to get some good ideas for your baby’s room.

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