Finding Nemo Nursery Decor and Crib Bedding Set

finding nemo crib bedding set

If you love the Disney Finding Nemo movie, then consider getting your baby this colorful and fun Finding Nemo crib bedding set. A Finding Nemo nursery can simply be adorable for a boy or a girl as there are so many other decor items and accessories to go along with this crib bedding set.

This particular Nemo crib bedding set comes with 3 pieces for the crib. It includes the colorful crib comforter with the under the water scene with Nemo and his friends.

It also comes with the fitted crib sheet which features polka dots and Nemo with his sea turtle friend. There is also a matching fitted crib sheet that comes with the set as well.

finding nemo fitted crib sheet

The bedding set fits standard size crib mattress and the comforter measures 42 x 33″.

The comforter could definitely be used for hanging on the wall or even use it as a cute blanket for your baby to play on the ground with.

To go along with this crib bedding set you can also buy extra Finding Nemo fitted crib sheets as well. You really should have extra crib sheets for your baby as you never know when you may need them.

This is a two pack of crib sheets with one having the same print as the one that comes in the bedding set and the other one has a plain blue and green polka dot pattern.

nemo fitted crib sheets

There is also another fitted crib sheet featuring Nemo and friends that you can buy to go along with your nursery as well.

nemo crib sheet

This is another fun fitted crib sheet that features Nemo along with his sea turtle friend swimming through the ocean. It fits a standard size crib mattress and is a cotton and polyester blend.

To go along with your Finding Nemo nursery, you can’t forget to get an adorable plush Nemo. This plush Nemo would look perfect sitting on top of a dresser or a shelf on the wall and then as your child grows older it can become their favorite stuffed animal to play with.

nemo plush toy

This plush Nemo measures 16 inches and is super soft. It looks just like Nemo from the movie and there really are so many ways you can use it in a Finding Nemo themed nursery.

There are also other stuffed plush characters that would go perfect in a Finding Nemo nursery as well. Check out the Dory plush and Squirt the sea turtle plush as well.

dory plush finding nemo

The stuffed Dory measures 17 inches and is a super popular stuffed animal.

squirt plush toy

The Squirt plush toy is slightly smaller as it measures 12 inches long. But it goes perfect when paired with the crib bedding set that features Nemo and Squirt.

Another great addition to your Finding Nemo nursery would be these adorable wall decals.

finding nemo wall decals for nursery

This decal set is made by RoomMates and comes with two large window decals featuring your favorite characters from Finding Nemo as well as other coordinating decals to go with them. You can use the decals all on one wall or spread  them out in different areas of the nursery. The ship windows would look really cute hanging above the crib.

The nice thing about using these decals to decorate your nursery is that you don’t have to worry about putting holes in the walls or causing any damage. They easily stick on and come off without leaving any residue or damage behind.

If you want to continue the Finding Nemo theme outside of the nursery or you want a functional way to add some color to the rocking chair or a basket on a dresser, you could use this super soft Finding Nemo blanket.

finding nemo baby blanket

This plush baby blanket goes with the theme of the crib bedding set above with Nemo and his sea turtle friend Squirt swimming around the ocean. The blanket measures 30 x 40 inches and can really be used for all sorts of things from tummy time on the ground to using it to cover your little one up when going outside in the cold.

Hopefully this Finding Nemo crib bedding set along with the other great decor and accessories gives you a great start on decorating your child’s Finding Nemo nursery.

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