Dr. Seuss Nursery Wall Art and Wall Decals

If you are planning on any type of Dr. Seuss themed nursery from a Cat In the Hat room to just an all-encompassing Dr. Seuss themed room, you are going to want some nice art pieces or decals to decorate the walls.

There are all kinds of great Dr. Seuss nursery wall art and wall decals that really stand out and make a room look really pulled together.

The nice thing is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money on these decor pieces as you can easily find some adorable Dr. Seuss themed wall decals for under $15 and have them decorate a whole wall in the room.

Dr. Seuss Wall Decals for a Nursery

Here are all kinds of great Dr. Seuss themed wall decals for a nursery. Some are based on all different Dr. Seuss books while others may be a quote from one specific book. You could definitely even buy two different decal sets and put them together such as a large quote along with some of the picture decals.

Dr. Seuss Books Wall Decals

dr seuss books wall decalsamazon large yellow

If you are going a general Dr. Seuss theme for your baby’s room you will want to check out this set of reusable wall decals featuring all your favorite Dr. Seuss characters.

It comes with a total of 22 decals that range in size from 3 inches big up to 14 inches.

Just some of the decals you get with this set include the Cat in the Hat with Thing 1 and Thing 2, Horton, The Grinch with Max, Lorax, and Fox in Socks.

They can be used on just about any smooth surface from the walls in your baby’s room to even a mirror or the closet doors.


large dr seuss wall decals for nurseryamazon large yellowIf you are looking for bigger wall decals to decorate all the walls in your baby’s room, then this set may be a better option for you.

It has 10 wall decals that you can use to decorate the room and these are not the small decals that only measure a few inches. For example, the Cat in the Hat with Thing 1 and Thing 2 measures 23.5 inches wide and is 38 inches tall.

The decals are simply peel and stick and are really easy to apply to flat surface walls. This set even comes with an included squeegee to make sticking these decals up on the wall a breeze. They also come off rather easily as well so you don’t have to worry about damaging your walls as well.

There really are so many ways that you could use this set of decals for your nursery and not even need to spend any more money decorating the walls.

Dr. Seuss Quote Wall Decals

dr seuss quote wall decalamazon large yellow“A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

This is a great Dr. Seuss quote for a baby’s room and goes great with other Horton Hears a Who decor or you can use it for any Dr. Seuss themed nursery.

With this decal you do have to individually put up each letter to spell out this quote but the decals are easily transferred to the wall.

The decal measures 10 inches high and is 22.4 inches wide. It’s a nice size for above the crib on the wall or even the changing table. It is available in only black.


dr seuss wall decalsamazon large yellow

Kid, You’ll Move Mountains”

This has to be one of my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes and is so encouraging for a child to see on their walls when they get older.

This decal could even be used for other themed baby nurseries and not just a Dr. Seuss theme.

It is available in white and it measures 18 inches wide and is 3 inches high. It is a slightly smaller decal but would still work well when paired with other decals or used on a smaller wall.

For the price of this decal, this really is a must have for your baby’s room.

There is also the same quote that you can buy in a black decal that is slightly bigger at 22×7 inches.


dr seuss book wall decalsamazon large yellow“To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.”

This is another special quote from Dr. Seuss that really goes so well in a little baby’s room. This decal even includes Thing 1 and Thing 2 along with the quote.

This is a high quality vinyl wall decal rather than a simple peel and stick one but it’s still pretty simple to get it up on your flat surface wall.

The decal measures 30 inches and is one of the larger wall decals available.

This would look absolutely wonderful up on the wall above your baby’s crib or use it on an empty wall in the room as a main focal point.


Dr. Seuss Nursery Wall Art

Along with wall decals there are so many creative and adorable Dr. Seuss wall art pieces that you can hang up in your baby’s nursery.

One of the best places to find these art pieces is Etsy.com as there are lots of professional sellers on this site that all have custom made art work and prints that really just stand out wonderfully in a room.

Check out some of my favorite Dr. Seuss nursery wall art pieces below.

dr seuss personalized nursery wall artbuy etsy button

This is a 3 piece set that even includes a personalized print just for your baby’s name. You can also customize the colors if you want them different to match your room exactly.

Each print measures 8×10 inches but you can also get them at 11×14 for a special order as well.

These prints do come unframed and un-matted so you can do what you want with them. They would look adorable hung together on the wall or separate them on different walls.


dr seuss cat in the hat nursery artbuy etsy button

This is another great set of 8 x 10 prints that really are super adorable in a Dr. Seuss themed nursery.

This set also offers personalization with your baby’s name on one of the prints and you can choose from other colors if this color scheme isn’t exactly what you are looking for.


dr seuss book wall decorbuy etsy buttonThis is super original and creative and something that I had never seen before.

These are actual Dr. Seuss book sculptures that showcase the inside of the books and also work as decor up on the walls.

This is a set of 4 Dr Seuss books including The Cat in the Hat, Hop On Pop, One Fish Two Fish, and ABC. It’s much cheaper to buy them in this set but you can buy them individually if you don’t want all 4 or there are sets of 2 as well.

The books are folded and glued together to showcase the inside of the books and then adhered to a canvas that makes it easier to hang on the wall and keeps them secure as well.

These really are so cool and something that you wouldn’t find in a baby or department store.


dr seuss painted canvas wall artbuy etsy buttonThis is a set of 4 hand painted canvas pictures of different Dr. Seuss characters. In this set you get The Cat In the Hat, The Lorax, Thing 1 and then a fish.

There are other sets that feature different characters as well and some that come with 6 or 8 canvas pieces as well.

The READ letters don’t come with the set but you can buy them from this seller separately if you like the look of it.

Each canvas measures 8×8 inches and come ready to hang with an attached sawtooth hanger on the back.

Having a hand painted art piece really does add some interest to the room and when you buy something like this you don’t have to worry about painting them yourself.


Any type of wall decal or art piece that you choose for your Dr. Seuss nursery will make the room just that more special. You don’t have to go all out as you can simply just get one or two things for the wall and have a beautiful Dr. Seuss inspired room for your little guy or gal.

Be sure to check out the Dr. Seuss characters plush toys for more decor ideas for your baby’s nursery.


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