Curly Tails Monkey Nursery Decor Collection


curly tails nursery theme

If the above picture looks like a room that you would love for your baby, then you need to check out all the decor items available from the Bedtime Originals Curly Tail collection.

There is a 3 piece bedding set available as well as all the items found below to put together the perfect monkey themed room for your little one.

monkey nursery decor collection1. Musical Crib Mobile – This mobile plays comforting music and features 4 plush monkeys that rotate around.

2. Plush Stuffed Monkey Toy – This little plush monkey would make a great decoration for the dresser and it can be used as a soft toy for your baby to play or snuggle with.

3. Monkey Lamp – This lamp would be great for late night diaper changes and can add some nice interest to any otherwise boring dresser or changing table area.

4. Wall Decor – This coordinating wall decor would be great to add some monkey fun to the walls.

Here are even more decor items that go with the Curly Tails nursery collection.

culry tails nursery accessories1. Diaper Stacker – Use the coordinating diaper stacker to keep all your diapers organized and handy as well as add some cute monkey decor to the room.

2. Plush Baby Blanket – This blanket will come in handy for all kinds of things from covering your little when taking him outside to laying on the floor for tummy time.

3. Wallpaper Border – This border can be an easy way to add some interest to your walls and it won’t cost you a lot.

4. Fitted Crib Sheet – Although there is a fitted crib sheet included in the bedding set, it is always a good idea to have at least one or two extra on hand.


This is a great nursery collection that offers a lot of different options for decorating. You can choose to go simple and just buy the bedding set and one or two other items or you can go all out for the your nursery and buy the whole collection and have the ultimate monkey themed nursery.


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