Best Sleep Machine Projector for a Baby’s Room

There are lots of benefits of having a sleep machine in your baby’s room. Not only can the white noise in the background help your baby sleep better but it also means that you get more sleep as well.

If you wonder why a baby would want that noise while they are sleeping, think about where your newborn just came from. The womb can be a very noisy place and the noise from the sleep machine can soothe and comfort your baby like they are simply back in the womb.

The reason why a lot of parents prefer a sleep machine with a projector is because it can also work as a nightlight in the room and can also be used as sort of a security light when your baby gets older. In fact some babies get so used to the sleep machine projector that they automatically know it is time for sleep when mom or dad turns it on.

If you are looking for a sleep machine for your little one’s nursery, check out the best sleep machine projector that fits your budget and style below.

Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System

munchin sleep machine and projector

This is a great little machine that is easily customizable for your little one. You can use it simply as a sleep machine that plays soft music and sounds or use it as a nightlight or projector. Choose combinations of all 3 options depending on your little one’s preferences.

There are 10 different sounds that it plays including a heartbeat, white noise, ocean sounds, rain lullabies and Mozart.

There are also 3 different image cartridges that are included with the machine which features a soothing sea, a nighttime sky, and a calming rainforest. The lens easily pivots so that you can project the image on whatever space you want whether it’s a wall or the ceiling.

Not only do you get the sounds and images, but there is a blue light on the bottom of the machine that works great as a nightlight. You will be really glad for a nightlight when you have those late night diaper changes or just want to check in on your baby. This way you don’t need to turn on the light and fully wake your baby as the nightlight provides enough soft light to see but not too much to disturb the baby.

There is a timer that can be set so you don’t have it on all night if you don’t want. There are volume control buttons so you can control just how loud the noise is depending on where you place the machine in the room.

This is really a great sleep machine projector especially for the price. You can actually find this machine on sale for under $20 most of the time and usually won’t pay more than $23 for it.

Also, you will find that this machine will still get good use even as your baby gets older. Lots of toddlers and even older kids still like nightlights in their room and may still enjoy some soft music to fall asleep to.


BRICA Magical Firefly Crib Soother and Projector

baby projector and sleep machine

This is a slightly different machine in that it not only can act as a sleep machine projector but also attaches to the crib to help comfort your little one as well.

The machine plays 6 soothing lullabies as well as other comforting sounds including heartbeat, nature, white noise, water and even womb sounds.

There are no real scenes with this projector but the lights do project and twinkle as they appear as little fireflies swirling around.

A special feature is the shatter resistant mirror on the front of the machine. This comes in handy if you want to tether it to the crib as your little one can look and see himself right in the mirror. It also has a pillow soft frame so it won’t hurt your baby if he bumps his head on the frame.

You can also convert it to stand on a dresser or nightstand as seen in the picture above if you would rather not have it in the crib. This also works well for older babies who may tend to want to play with the machine instead of go to sleep.

There is an auto shut off timer to help save the battery life as well.

This is a highly rated sleep machine for babies and the sound is really excellent especially when compared to some other sleep machines where it sounds too electronic instead of natural.

The BRICA soother and projector does cost a bit more, but you can still buy it at a great price.


Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine

conair sound machine for baby

If you are double guessing whether or not you need the projector with the sleep machine, you may want to check out this simple sleep machine from Conair.

This doesn’t have the projector but it is one of the nicer sound machines that doesn’t just play sounds geared towards adults. The sounds it can play include heartbeat, rainforest, thunderstorm, ocean waves, white noise, summer night, waterfall, and more. There are a total of 10 sounds you can pick from.

This is a really simple and inexpensive sleep machine and would be a good option to try out on your baby because it doesn’t cost a lot but it definitely has some really good reviews.

Other features include an auto shut off timer as well as volume control.

Click Here to learn more about this sleep machine.


Having a sleep machine projector in your baby’s room may just be a lifesaver for you and your baby. The white noise from the machine can actually make your baby less stressed and more comfortable which leads to more sleep and a happier baby.

You can read more about the benefits of using a sleep machine in your baby’s room here.

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