The Best Pack ‘N Play with Changing Table

If you are looking to buy a pack ‘n play or portable crib for your baby, why not make your life a bit easier when baby comes and get the best pack ‘n play with a changing table.

It used to be that these playards would be a simple crib-like area for your baby to sleep or rest but nowadays you can find some really great ones that have convenient features for moms.

With a changing table attachment you can make diaper changes really simple and quick rather than having to move baby room to room to change a diaper.

Have your baby gear make your life easier and invest in pieces that will help you out and make your life a little less stressful with a new baby.

Best Pack ‘N Play with a Changing Table

graco pack n play with changing table and newborn napper

amazon large yellow

If you are looking for the ultimate playard that has a changing table attached then look no further than this Graco pack ‘n play featuring not only the extra large changing table but also a newborn napper.

Most playards that come with a changing table will have a smaller changer that only holds up to around 15 pounds, but this changing table actually holds up 30 pounds.

This means that the changer will last well beyond the newborn stage and you will get much more use out of it.

playard with changing table and storageNot only do you get the changing table attachment but on the same side there is a storage hamper that connects to the playard to keep all your changing supplies.

You can keep diapers, wipes, diaper cream, onesies, and extra sleepers in this convenient storage area so they are right at your fingertips for your diaper changes.

No more having to run to a different room in your home for more diapers or another set of clothes when you can keep it right on the pack ‘n play.

This pack ‘n play makes diaper changes super fast and super convenient even after your baby is no longer a newborn.

Not only do you get the extra wide and deep changer but it also comes with a newborn napper attachment for babies 3 months and under.

The newborn napper is made from a super soft velour that hugs your child and makes them extra comfortable for those naps you need them to take during the day (or night).

There is even a canopy shade on the newborn napper to keep out the light while your little one is snoozing.

As your baby starts getting older you can remove the napper and instead use the bassinet while still having the changing table attached. The bassinet will hold up to 15 pounds and can be used until your baby can push up on their knees.

And even as your baby grows even older, you can simply take the bassinet off and and instead place the pad on the bottom of the playard and have a great portable crib or play area for your baby.

The playard is recommended for use until your child is 35 inches tall or until you find they are able to climb out on their own.

You’ll get tons of use out of the pack n’ play when your child is a newborn but will still be able to utilize as your baby gets older.

Even older babies and some toddlers have no problem still using the playard to nap in or have a confined play area for a few minutes while you get some stuff done around the house.

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Best Inexpensive Pack and Play with a Changing Table

If you are on a budget and you want a good pack ‘n play with an attached changing table but you can’t afford the option above, then there is a good alternative that will save you a good deal of money.

pack n play with changing table

amazon large yellow

This is more of a basic pack ‘n play from Graco but it still comes with the changing table attachment and a much lower price tag than the option above.

This playpen does have a nice feature in that the changer is actually reversible and the other side is a small newborn napper.

To switch from the changer to the napper, you press the locking button to flip it over. According to most buyers at first this may be a little tricky, but after a few times it can easily be done while holding your baby.

This gives you a cheaper option of still having the newborn napper and the changing table, but you do have to put some effort into switching the attachment.

pack n play storage pocketsThe pack ‘n play also has the bassinet option for babies up to around 3 months old. There is a toy bar that you can hang to entertain your little one if you wish as well.

Even though this one doesn’t come with a big storage ares, it does have a smaller storage pocket area for diapers and wipes that you can use as well. This makes it handy for diaper changes as it still gives you the option to have your diapering supplies right at hand.

Just like other playards when you baby gets older simply take off the bassinet and place the mat at the bottom and you have a great large, portable sleeper for your baby.

This would be great for taking on trips or visits to family members or just to have in another room in your home for napping or playing during the daytime.

With this playard you also have a choice of 5 different patterns and colors to choose from depending on the style you prefer.

If you are looking for a cheaper option and don’t want to pay over $100 for a pack ‘n play then I really recommend you check out this particular one as it still has very nice features but without the huge price tag.

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Although the two recommended pack ‘n plays are some of the best selling options, they may not fit everyone’s needs and styles.

If you still want to check out more options for playards with a changing table, then I suggest reading over reviews at to see which one may better suite your style and features you are looking for.

Do You Need to Buy a Playard For Your Baby?

You definitely don’t need to buy a pack ‘n play for your baby as it is not an essential item that your baby needs to thrive and survive.

But, that being said if you have the money and you want to make your life a bit less stressful with a baby, I recommend you get a pack and play for your home.

Here are some of the benefits of pack ‘n plays:

  • They can double as a changing station and make diaper changes easier and quicker
  • Great as a portable crib when traveling or visiting family members
  • Can pull double duty for a place for your newborn baby to nap while still being in your sight
  • Great for when your baby gets older and you want a contained play area
  • Can be used from the time your baby is a newborn to up to around 2-3 years old

If you haven’t had your baby yet, these benefits may sound pretty nice but once your baby actually arrives and you are in the throes of taking care of a newborn you are going to really appreciate these benefits that make your life simpler and easier.

The key to really getting the most out of your playard is to buy the best pack ‘n play with a changing table and other special features that give you the most for your money.

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