Best Blackout Curtains for a Baby’s Room

best blackout curtains for babys roomAfter you have your baby and realize just how sleep deprived you are, you’re going to thank me for making sure that you buy blackout curtains for your baby’s room. This is because without blackout curtains or shades you would most likely be even more sleep deprived.

Having the baby’s room dark even when it is light outside can help you get some extra needed sleep. It’s basically biological that babies and young children will sleep better in a dark environment rather than if the sun is shining in and lighting up the whole room.

The thing to keep in mind is that not all blackout curtains are the same. I have actually tried a few different types before and some of them still let in light or you still have light that creeps through the sides.

This is why I recommend you get the best blackout curtains for a baby’s room and not mess around with other ones since your sleep as well as your baby’s sleep is very important.

The Best Blackout Curtains for a Nursery

The best blackout curtain for any room is one that doesn’t allow any light to come through the fabric but also stays in place and doesn’t allow light to shine in through the sides of the window.

You also want something that doesn’t look like you are hanging up a cheap shower curtain on the walls or a blanket.

I have found a great blackout curtain that not only makes the room really, really dark but also helps to block out the cold or the heat from outside. These are the thermal insulated blackout curtains from Best Home Fashion.

best blackout curtains for baby room

The curtains come in a set of the two panels as shown above. They measure 52″W x 63″L, which when you put them together you get a total length of 104 inches.

These are made from an innovative fabric that as the curtains not only blackout light as well as heat and cold, they also have a fashionable drape style to them that is not stiff or cheap looking.They are triple weaved to ensure they are the most efficient blackout curtain.

They look like actual fashion curtains but do so much more you may just want to buy them for your bedroom as well.

They are tested to be 99% effective at blocking out sunlight as well as the dense fabric allows the curtains to also block out heat or cold from outdoors as well. This will also come in handy if you live in a really cold climate during winter time or if the sun will be shining right into the window of the room providing no shade for the house.

The other cool thing about these curtains is that they also help to block out noise from outdoors as well. So, when your baby is napping during the day and your neighbor decides to cut their grass you don’t have to worry as much about it waking up your little one.

You can choose from 13 different colors such as navy, black, pink, beige, light blue, olive, and purple so you are sure to find a color that will go with your child’s nursery theme.

I prefer the shorter style of the curtains just because once your baby gets older you have less of chance they will pull on the curtains. If you would like longer curtains for your baby’s room they are also available in other sizes such as 52″ wide by 84″ long.

Best Blackout Shades for Baby’s Room

If you have already bought curtains or a valance for your baby’s room but you still want to be able to black out all the light to help your little one sleep better, I would suggest you check out the best blackout shades for a baby’s room.

There are some expensive, vinyl blinds and shades that you can buy, but the best option out there would be Redi-Shade Fabric Window Shade.

best blackout shade for a babys room

They are available in both black and white and they both do an excellent job at blocking out any sunlight from a room.

These window shades not only work great but they also have some nice features that make them preferable for a child’s room.

The first feature that I like is that there are no cords so they are safer for young kids and babies. Instead there are included clips that you use to clip up the shades at the top if you want to let sunlight into the room.

Another feature that is a real bonus for parents is that it super quick to install these window shades. All you have do is to measure your window and then cut them to perfectly fit right inside the window so no light gets through the sides.

There are no nails or screws to worry about, as it is a simple adhesive tape that you adhere right to your window frame.

These blackout shades may not last you 10 years as they are made of a heavy paper fabric, but since they are so inexpensive you won’t mind that you didn’t get 10 years of use out of them.

What some prefer about having the blackout shades versus the blackout curtains is that the shades can be paired with curtains or a valance that matches the crib bedding or the fabric used in the room. They still allow you to block out the light while still keeping with the exact theme of the nursery.

Whether you choose the blackout curtains for a nursery or the blackout shades for a nursery, you are sure to really enjoy the benefits when your baby starts napping better or sleeping long after the sun has rose in the morning.



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