5 Tips for Organizing Your Baby’s Changing Table for Easier Diaper Changes

organization tips to make diaper changes easierYou’re going to be spending a lot of time changing your baby’s diapers for at least the next 2 years or so. There will be diaper changes all day long as well as late night and early morning changes.

That is why it’s important that you have an organized changing area that allows you to quickly and safely change your little one’s diaper.

What may work for one mom may not work for another as each person may like a different set up or may not have the same items to work with. But, there are some basic organization tips that you can use to help make your baby’s diaper changes a lot easier.

Here are 5 tips for organizing your baby’s changing table (or area if you choose not to have an actual table).

1.  Have Everything You Need Right at Hand

You should never take your hands off your baby when they are on the changing table, so you need to make sure you have everything you need right within arms reach.

This should include diapers, diaper cream, wipes, and blankets, burp clothes, and extra sleepers or clothing.

The reason why I liked to have a burp cloth handy when changing diapers is because almost all of my babies would spit up when I went to lay them down for a diaper change. Also it’s nice to have the extra blankets in case you need to swaddle your little one back up after a diaper change.

2.  Use a Diaper Caddy to Keep Diaper Changing Supplies Organized

You can store extra diapers, blankets, and such underneath your changing table, but a good idea is to store several of the supplies right on top of the table in a diaper caddy.

There are several diaper caddies you can buy. There are ones that have handles and are easily portable so you can take it in the bathroom for baths as well as anywhere in the house you may need to change a diaper.

Keep the diaper caddy stocked with plenty of diapers as well as wipes, creams, lotions and even an extra onesie or blanket.

With the caddy you don’t have to be opening drawers or pulling out storage cubes to find the supplies you may need. This makes it a lot easier when you have those half asleep 3a.m. diaper changes.

3.  Two-In-One Changing Tables and Dressers Work Great

If you don’t have a large nursery or you simply want to save some money or space, you can easily make a dresser into a changing table. All you need to do is to secure the changing pad to the top of the dresser and now you have easily storage right underneath your changing table.

Best of all this is something you can use as your child gets older as a normal dresser for their clothes or other accessories.

If you plan on using a dresser as your changing table, then my suggestion would be to use the top drawer as your extra diaper supplies and then the lower drawers can be used for storing clothes and other items like blankets and bibs.

4. Place Your Diaper Pail Right by the Changing Table

If you plan on having a diaper pail right in the nursery, then make things easier on you and place it right by the changing table. This means you can just easily drop the dirty diaper without having to move away from the table.

There are plenty of diaper pails you can find that would fit into a nursery theme with all different colors or you can keep it simple and get a plain colored one that is specifically for the nursery.

5.  Be Careful What You Hang by the Changing Table

I have seen a lot of really cute designs that have decor hung right on the wall by the changing table, but there are some I have seen that aren’t very functional.

If you plan on hanging anything by your changing table you should make sure that as your baby gets older it is not within reach of your little one. When your baby starts grabbing stuff and moving around more it’s time to make sure that there is nothing by the changing table they can pull on themselves.

As I mentioned the more you start changing your baby’s diapers the more you will see what works and what doesn’t work for you.

There are even some moms I know who completely got rid of the actual changing table and instead just used a pad or blanket on the ground because it was easier for them then having to run to the bedroom to change the diaper all the time.

Follow these tips before your little one is born and then adapt them as they fit your and your baby’s routine.

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