5 Tips for Buying Crib Sheets for Your Baby

buying fitted crib sheet tipsYou want your baby to be as safe as possible in her crib so you need to make sure you look at each item you buy to see if it is the safest for your little one.

Here are 5 tips when it comes to buying crib sheets that not only help you get a great look for the crib but also help you have the safest crib for your little one.

1. Choose Snug Fitting Crib Sheets

Look for fitted crib sheets that have elastic all around so that it fits snugly right over the mattress. You don’t want the sheet to be able to come off easily when your baby starts moving around. It’s important that there are no loose sheets on your baby’s crib to help prevent safety hazards.

2. Consider Your Baby’s Comfort

You want your baby to be as comfortable as possible when sleeping in her crib. Look for super soft sheets just like the ones you would want to lie on at night. Sheets that are 100 percent cotton usually are a good pick as sometimes you will find that polyester blends are too scratchy and stiff.

Also, consider the temperature of your home when you buy the sheets as well. You wouldn’t want to use heavy flannel sheets when it is hot. Prevent your baby from getting overheated by using a lighter cotton sheet instead.

3. Have Fun Picking Out the Crib Sheets

Nowadays there really are so many different patterns, prints, designs, pictures, and colors that you can choose from for fitted crib sheets. There really probably isn’t a color or theme that you couldn’t find a crib sheet for.

You can definitely have fun and pick out the colors you want that go perfect with the rest of the bedding and the whole nursery.

4. You Can Never Have Too Many Crib Sheets

Believe me when I tell you that you will need several backup crib sheets. It’s not unusual for your baby to have diaper accidents at night and have to change the sheets a few times. In fact, there may just be days you go through 2 or 3 sheets due to spit ups or diaper leaks.

I would recommend that you have at least 3-4 crib sheets and would add that it is not a bad idea to have even more than that if you don’t want to be doing laundry all the time. I know that I never had less than 5 crib sheets I could use for my kids.

5. Crib Sheets Won’t Protect the Mattress from Stains

Your crib sheets will not protect the crib mattress from urine and spit up stains. You should definitely invest in a crib mattress pad for under your crib sheets to help protect the mattress.

Crib mattress pads are fairly inexpensive but can help protect the mattress from smelly and messy stains.

Be sure to check out some of the great options for fitted crib sheets for your little guy or gal.

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