5 Simple Tips for Organizing Your Baby’s Room

nursery organization tipsEven though your little one may be tiny, he or she most likely has more stuff than you do in your room.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out about where to put everything so it looks all organized and neat.

Here are 5 quick tips for getting your baby’s nursery organized and clean without tons of hassle.

1.  Baskets and Bins Will Be Your Best Friend

When it comes to organizing all those small baby items, storage baskets and bins are a great way to keep them looking neat and organized.

You can find bins and baskets in all kinds of different colors, shapes, and sizes to fit your needs. You can find them quite cheap at places like Amazon.com as well as at your local discount department stores. You can even get some at the dollar store.

You can even use smaller bins or baskets inside your drawers to keep things like baby socks and bibs organized. They are also great not only on dressers and the changing table but work perfect in closets as well.

2. Utilize Storage Space as Much as Possible

If you have a smaller nursery or you just want to keep things looking really tidy in the room, then make sure you utilize all the storage space as much as possible.

For example, under the crib is a great place to store extra crib sheets and blankets that you may not need every day. Use a flatter storage bin or basket that fits right under the crib. You can find a decorative basket or you can simply use any storage bin if it is covered by the crib dust ruffle.

Another storage area that you should utilize as best as possible is the closet. You don’t have to stick with the simple one bar hanging, but instead use bins or even hanging closet organizers to use all the vertical and horizontal space available.

3. Turn Your Storage Into Décor for the Room

Get creative with your storage containers and use them as décor for the room as well. For example, decorative jars could hold small items on the dresser and also work as decorations for the dresser.

There really are all kinds of different jars, bins, baskets, and boxes you can find that not only work great for storage but add some style to the room as well.

4. Keep the Baby Clothing Organized by Size

In the beginning you are probably going to have several different sizes of baby clothing that need to be organized. The best way to ensure your little one gets to wear all the clothing and gets use out of all it, is to organize it all by sizes.

Keep all the newborn sizes together as well as 0-3 months and so on. There are closet size organizers that you can find that divide a closet rod by different sizes as well as drawer organizers that you can do the same with.

5. Open Shelving Makes for Great Storage in a Nursery

An open shelf bookcase (both tall and short ones) makes for a great storage solution that can also be dressed up in the room. You can add more bins to the shelves as well as add in some fun décor items as well.

When your child gets older the open shelving unit can be used for things like books and toy storage as well so it definitely won’t be wasted.

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