5 Baby Nursery Trends for 2016

Having a baby in 2016?

If you have been blessed this year with a new little one to prepare for and are looking for some ideas for your baby’s nursery, I’ve got 5 hot baby nursery trends for 2016.

You definitely don’t have to have a “trendy” baby’s room, but these ideas may just give you some different ways to put your own spin on these trends to make a unique room for your baby.

gray nurseryHere are the top five trending designs for baby nurseries in 2016.


1. Gray is Great

Gray has become the ‘it” neutral color when it comes to nurseries as well as even older children’s bedrooms.

You can pair a lot of different colors with gray in order to give the room more of a “girly” touch or something a bit more masculine. Pink and purple go great with gray while a turquoise blue or even a darker navy blue may be a great accent color for your little guy’s room.

Gray nurseries go beyond just painting the walls gray though as you can find gray cribs or paint your white dresser a dark shade of gray to incorporate the color even more into the room.

There are plenty of gray crib bedding options such as a pink and gray elephant crib bedding set or choose from one of the many yellow and gray crib bedding sets.


2. Modern Design

This year you may notice that nurseries are looking a lot more modern and sleeker than in the past. A few years ago it used to be that more was better with frills and flowers and all kinds of decor, but you will find that rooms are getting simpler.

This not only goes for the decor on the walls but also for the baby furniture. There are sleeker and more modern cribs as well as matching baby furniture that can actually be used for years as your child grows up.

Instead of decorating every wall in the room, choose some key pieces that really make a statement and keep things more on a simple and clean pallet.


3. Pastels Colors Are Back

Another trend that you will notice this year for nurseries is that the return of soft pastel colors is also back. You may even find that the same colors that were popular when you were little have come back into style today.

Think colors like soft pink, lilac, light blue, and mellow yellow when picking out paint colors. It seems like the bold, bright colors like orange, hot pink, red, and bright green are taking a backseat this year and instead only becoming little accent colors instead of the main show.

Again, this trend not only goes for the walls and decor of the room, but you can even find pale green baby cribs and light pink dressers making their way into baby’s rooms this year.


4. Natural Textures

A hot trend for a baby’s room this year is to incorporate some natural textures into the room either by the decor, furniture or even an accent wall.

For example, natural wood accents is really hot this year with some people even choosing to have a natural wood wall as the accent wall in the room. Other ways that you can add natural textures would be with wood shelves on the wall, fuzzy rugs on a hardwood floor, as well as things like dried flowers, leaves, and creative art pieces.

There are all kinds of nursery themes that would allow you to incorporate these natural textures even if just in a few touches. One of my favorite nursery themes though is a natural rustic cabin nursery that really lends itself to natural accents throughout the whole design.


5. Unique Cribs

vetro shadow cribWhen shopping for your baby’s crib you’ll find you have a lot more choices than a simple crib. There are all kinds of different unique designs that are available for cribs nowadays and people are definitely making the crib the star of the room.

You’ll find all kinds of different colored cribs as well as ones with different shapes and accents.

You will also see some really neat ones that feature acrylic panels in different colors as well as cribs that just generally don’t look like your normal, everyday baby crib. Check out the picture of the Vetro Shadow Crib for a unique example of a crib.

Some of these cribs can set you back quite a bit of money but they truly are the showstopper of the room. You could have really plain walls and decor and then this truly unique crib that just makes the whole room.

It can definitely be stressful coming up with the perfect nursery for your baby, but just remember that this is a special time in your life and to take it easy and relax as you can always change up the room. So have fun decorating your baby’s room and leave those sleepless nights for when your baby is here.


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